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: Fire Alarm : Fire Alarm
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector NB-338-4-12 , Smoke & Heat Detector NB-338-4H-12
• Dual LEDs for 360 Degree visibility
• Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Sleek low-profile housing design

Heat Detector NB-988
Heat Detector (Rate-of-Rise) NB-988
• Detection of intense fires with fast response under rapid temperature-rise
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Sleek low-profile housing design
• Self restoring

Gas Detector NB-983
Gas Leak Detector NB-983 (Propane)
•Advanced algorithms provide advanced detection discrimination
Propane gases detection available
• Highly reliable stable gas sensor
• High immunity against unwanted alarms
• Easy installation. No programming required

SD-109 Smoke Detect
SD-109 Stand-alone Smoke Detector

IONIC Chamber Sensor
Built-in Siren
LED Test Button
9v. battery powered

Fire Alarm Station
Metal Fire Alarm Station Mircom MS – 400U Series
• Durable Extruded Aluminium Construction
• Attractive, Low Profile Design
• Standard Single Gang Mount
• Easy operation

Manual Pull Station
Manual Pull Station NBG-12

• Fire Alarm Station with attractive shape
• Highly visible design & color
• Easily operated
• Handle latches in Down position to clearly indicate that the station has been operated

Emergency Key Box
Emergency Key Box D-106

• For Fire Alarm or other application
• Keep key inside and break when there is
emergency situation

Fire Alarm bell
Fire Alarm bell
• Modular alarm bells
• Low power consumption
• Universal application
• 12 Vdc / 220 Vac Red 6”- diameter
• For other sizes, pls call

Emergency Break-Glas
Emergency Break-Glass (Manual Call Point)

• For Life Safety
• Fire Alarm & Access Control Applications
• White,Sleek-look