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: Burglar Alarm-Intrusion : Detectors-Sensors
Motion Detect LC-104
PIR and Microwave Detector with Pet Immunity LC-104 – PIMW

• Dual-Technology motion detector providing protection for every room, corner and corridor
• Digital signal analysis / Advanced ASIC-based electronics
• Quad Linear Imaging Technology
• Microwave detection based on Doppler concept
• with or without swivel-mount bracket

Magnetic Contacts
Magnetic Contacts

• Standard surface-mount
• For most doors and windows
• Available in white, brown

SM–204, SM–205
• Self-Stick or screw mounting
• For mosquito screen windows
• Available in white, brown

• Concealed, Press – fit for quick installation
• For single doors and windows
• Available in white, brown

Outdoor Beam SBM
Outdoor Triple-Beam Sensors SBM - 50 / 75 / 100 / 150

• Greater stability . Available in 50 , 75 , 100 , 150 m. range models.
• Auto Gain Control Circuit enables the sensor to work in adverse Environmental Conditions ( rain, fog, snow etc. )
• Digital Filter Circuit provides false alarm protection caused by car light, electric noise and mutual interferences etc.
• Surge Absorb Circuit prevents the sensor from damage by thunder.
• Blocking time adjustment is provided for specific target movement.

Overhead Door
Overhead Door & Screen ( Shutter Roller Contacts )

SM–226 L
• Switch contained in curved, low-profile, cast-aluminum housing
• Magnet in gray ABS case mounted on L-shaped bracket

SM–226 R
• Switch contained in curved, low-profile, cast-aluminum housing
• Magnet enclosed in round bracket.

Motion Detect DT6360
DUAL Technology K-Band Motion Sensor DT-6360STC

• Ceiling Mount, 360 Degree field-of-view
• Microcontroller-Based, Microwave Advanced Processing ( MAP ) with built-in Diagnostics and Supervision
• Optimum catch performance and false alarm immunity

Shock Sensor BEL
Shock-Vibration Sensor BEL

• Adjustable power sensitivity in detecting forces of attempted entry
• Compact miniature size, inconspicuous, and easy to install
• Suitable for all types of building structure
• Internal pulse plated in 24 CT gold with ISO 9002 Certification
• Protects walls, safes,curved steels
• No electrical needed

Shock Analyser
Shock Analyser

• Used with all 2-wire shock sensors, vibration sensors
• Fits inside control cabinet

E-931-S35RRQ 35ft Reflective Photobeam Sensor

• For outdoors gates, garage doors, etc
• Adjustable sensing rage
• 12-240VDC / 24-240VAC Operation
• Current : Up to 40 mA@12VDC
• For indoor or outdoor use (IP66)
• Pre-wired 6ft (1.8m) cord
• Brackets and mounting hardware included
• Compact size
• New single-gang box wall-mount brackets available

998EX Motion
998EX Motion
• 15m x 15m coverage
• Tamper and alarm memory
• Wide angle and long range lenses included