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: Burglar Alarm-Intrusion : Modules & Accessories
8-Zone Expand 4219
Wired 8- Zone Expander 4219

• Adds up to 8 hardwired zones per module
• Easily wired to control panel
• Fits inside Universal Control Cabinet
• Expands existing security systems easily
• Dimensions : 108 mm. x 169 mm. x 32 mm.

4-Relay Module 4204
Intelligent 4-Relay Module 4204

• Ideal for applications that require additional sounding devices, strobe lights or other devices
• Adds 4 programmable relays to selected VISTA panels
• Easily wired to control panel, compact, and attractive case design
• Dimensions : 108 mm. x 169 mm. x 32 mm.

TeleCommand Telephone Access Module

• Conveniently arm, disarm or check the status of your system using ordinary touchtone and cellular phones from anywhere in the world
• Utilizing a high quality voice output , describes security zone status and suggests the appropriate action
• Compatible with all VISTA panels

Zone Exp-Relay 4229
Wired 8 – Zone Expander / Relay Board 4229

• Provides 8 end-of-line supervised zones and 2 on-board programmable form C relays
• Expands existing security systems with additional output capabilities : sounding devices, flashing lights, electrical appliances

8–Zone Expand 4208
Universal 8 – Zone Remote Point Module 4208U

• The 4208U Remote Point Module (RPM) is an eight-zone expander that allows the use of available expansion zones on ADEMCO controls that support V-Plex polling loop devices.
• Provides cover tamper protection, which may be enabled or disabled via on-board DIP Switches
• Dimensions : 108 mm. x 163 mm. x 32 mm.