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: Burglar Alarm-Intrusion : Alarm Communications
Auto. Dialer TD-110
Automatic Telephone Dialer

• Transmits a prerecorded voice message to 4 telephone numbers
• Ordinary or Mobile phone numbers can be programmed into
• Changing stored numbers and Recording voice message are extremely easy relative to traditional dialers

GD-06 Allegro GSM
GSM Universal Dialer GD-06 Allegro
: GSM remote control and data transfer
: Suitable for alarm systems and industrial applications
: Automatic SMS text sending/call if an input (up to 6) is triggered
: Standard GSM phone size SIM card holder

191 Police Monitor
191 Police Monitoring System

We are the FiIRST security installer in Thailand that have authorized central receiver located at 191 Police Headquarter.

Emergency Report will be sent silently , and directly to notify police officers.

Communication Interface Adapter
• Compatible with these control panels accepting downloading :
Fire Burglary Instruments (FBII)
• Operates on standard 220V, 50 Hz input; and is provided with plug-in 9VAC transformer
• Has separate modular telephone jack to connect a local phone; interface cable provided
• Control , Check status of the system via remote programming Easily