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Wireless Door Phone
Wireless Video Door Phone DP-236Q

• Wireless operation-at distances up to 492ft (150m)
• Convenient handheld monitor, two-way communication with visitors, and door unlocking
• Camera has built-in IR LEDs for nighttime operation
• Camera includes a built-in PIR sensor which activates and takes photos of approaching visitors
• Camera offers 120º field of view

Metal Detector
Metal Detector SuperScanner GARRETT 1165180
• Ultimate sensitivity : detects medium sized pistol from 9-inch distance; large knife from 6-inch; razor blades and box cutters from 3-inch distance; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1 inch.
• Self-calibrating : digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need periodic sensitivity adjustments.
• Indicators : Speaker, 3 LED Alert Lights.
• Battery : Single 9 volt battery provides up to 60 hours of normal operation.

LD-44 (Necklace type
LD-44 (Necklace type Personal Alarm )

For your own safety .. elderly-kids (wearable) that need help , for hotel s door , car alarm ... Just pull out switch, will trigger alarm To chase thief away Or ask for emergency
help Immediately

• Tone : Siren
• Siren output : 110 dB ( at 1 ft. )
• Battery : UM-5 X 2
• Color : Black , Yellow, Orange

NOTE : min order 200 pcs

Power Supply-Charger
Power Supply - Charger ST-2406-5A
• For all security applications : Burglar – Fire Alarm, Access Control, etc.
• Converts low-voltage AC input power to low-voltage DC output power.
• Regulated and filtered output voltage.
• Switches to backup battery automatically in case of power loss.

Intercom C-123L/A
Intercom ( Chime Com ) C-123L/A

• Adjustable communication volume
• Automatically turns off in 20 seconds
• Battery power supply
• Attractive & Durable